Personally I like to go on vacation knowing that each day has something new to see and that I won’t be wasting any time during my adventure. When I was planning a jam-packed trip to Australia, I found and I feel like it’s a good site to share.


What is Triphobo? 
Triphobo is a website that helps you plan your itinerary. It can recommend attractions, help you book hotels, allow you to add on your flights, and even let you see other traveler’s itineraries to give you inspiration.It also has an app on the Android store and App store – however you need an internet connection to access it which is not always possible on vacation.

How can it help?
If you want an organised trip or you aren’t sure of what to see in the places you’re heading to. Triphobo really helped me plan a busy and complicated trip. Our plan was to spend just over 2 weeks in Australia and hit Melbourne, Uluru, Sydney and Cairns – a very busy trip.
There are a lot of features on triphobo that helped:

  • Suggestions of attractions in the area with small descriptions
  • Opening and closing times
  • Information about the travel time between places (attractions or cities)
  • An estimate of how long you would spend at an attraction
  • Ability to set the start time for each day
  • Being able to look at other traveler’s trip for inspiration
  • Being able to see each day side by side (see below photo)


Since I originally used the site there has been a bit of an update – for the better! However, there are still some frustrating features. For our trip to Japan, it didn’t recognise a couple of places that we wanted to head to. When I originally used triphobo (before the update) you weren’t able to add in breaks but I think that has changed.

Obviously you probably won’t visit the attractions at the exact time that it says on your triphobo plan but we found it useful to ensure we saw and did everything we wanted to. It ensured we had an organised trip and I personally preferred triphobo’s layout compared to sites that offer a similar service.

Hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts if you use or have used Triphobo before.