Use Vac-packs to help you save essential space.

If you didn’t know, or you know them by another name, vac-packs are those transparent bags that you fill and then use a vacuum cleaner, or you roll it up, to get rid of any air that is inside of it. These bags come in many sizes, so you can choose a size most suitable for your luggage, and they can really help you save space in your bag. They can be quite cheap and most of them can be used by rolling them which is ideal for travelling.

Vac-packs not only save you space in your bag, but they can keep your clothes fresh and organised. I always worry that during transit, a suitcase will break open and the clothes will go flying everywhere but, by using a vac-pack, at least all of your items will be together in the bag.

I use Vac-packs whenever I go travelling. I really find that they save me space and allow me to use a medium sized luggage bag while packing everything I need and more.