Check the national calendar for the country you are traveling to. 

Let me explain what I mean: Check if the country has national holidays on the days you are planning to travel. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Flights can be more expensive
  • Hotels will be more expensive
  • Shops and attractions may be closed
  • Events or popular areas may be very busy

For example: During National Holiday in China, which lasts around a week, flights are very expensive because a mass amount of people move from one place to another (within the country to visit family or to other countries for a vacation), and many businesses close for around a week.
Obviously there may be occasions where you are traveling hoping to take part in a traditional holiday, so just be prepared for what comes with this.

On the flip side of this, if you are traveling somewhere and hoping to celebrate a holiday, such as Christmas, then you may need to be aware that not all countries celebrate it and in order to celebrate you may need to search for establishments that will cater to this.