Check on health websites or with your doctor about whether you need vaccinations.

For some countries it is recommended that you get vaccinations to cover you from certain diseases. It is better to be safe than sorry, so check whether you need any for the country/countries you are hoping to travel to.

You need to know:

  • Whether you need to get vaccinations
  • Which ones are recommended
  • How many rounds of the vaccination you need in order to be protected (Is it just one injection or several?)
  • Over what duration of time the vaccinations need to be given (some vaccinations require weeks to ensure that you are fully protected)
  • How long the vaccination covers you for (months or years?)
  • Whether the vaccination fully covers you or whether it delays the disease and you still need to seek medical attention

There are many websites that can help with this information, but like with everything it is best to speak to a medical expert.

A note for British readers: Some of the vaccinations recommended for traveling are available free on the NHS. You can have them at chemists such as Boots but they can be very expensive and they may try to provide you with vaccinations that aren’t necessary.