Memrise offers courses in languages, arts, math, science, and many more topics.

Memrise is a website that aims to help you memorise something. In this instance it is most relevant as a language learning tool. I would compare using Memrise to doing flashcards. However, it has the benefit of being able to test you on audio too. Memrise also aims to help you put the language into your longterm memory.

Personally, I am using Memrise to learn Mandarin and I am finding it beneficial as it not only tests me on characters, but audio and pinyin (writing Chinese characters with latin alphabet) too.

An example learning page.

Upsides – Memrise is great as it constantly reviews the content you have learned to ensure that you don’t forget the information you learned at the beginning of the course. Memrise is not only available as a website, but also as a handy app. You can set time goals for the day if you are determined to learn in a certain amount of time, and you are quizzed while you learn. There are many choices for each topic, so check out a few before choosing one to get stuck into, as you may find one course is more relevant to what you need to know i.e finding a course that will teach frequently used phrases compared to words needed for language level tests (I wish I had done this sooner!)

Quizzed regularly during learning and when reviewing.

Downsides – sometimes the instructions are slightly incorrect, such as asking for English when wanting the language you are learning. The flashcard technique may not help you learn grammar or how to use words in sentences.

Hopefully Memrise may come in handy when preparing for your adventures! Have you got any other apps or websites that are useful?