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Housesitting, although not new, is becoming more and more popular. There are many different kinds including sitters paying owners (usually for utilities), owners paying sitters (if there is work involved) or, my favourite kind, free!

There are of course pros and cons to being an owner or a sitter, and as I am actually both I can look at both sides.


Housesitting is enabling us to go on holiday when we have struggled to have anyone look after our pets and give them the attention they deserve. It also saves us money because we don’t need to pay for boarding fees or pet sitters.
However, it is of course worrying to have someone come and stay in your home and look after your pets. There is a lot of trust involved. It can also be a bit of a slow process. Personally, I won’t book flights until I know the sitter has their flights and visa but this can mean that you watch the prices go up and up while waiting on the sitter. We have also had a sitter pull out on us which, for a while, made us believe we wouldn’t be able to go home for Christmas. It was a long stressful time contacting over 200 people in the hopes they would sit for us. We had people say they were interested without actually looking up the flight prices so they later pulled out. It can be tricky.


Housesitting can be easy and save you a lot of hotel fees. For some animal lovers who are unable to have their own pets, it enables them to have the best of both worlds. If you have a free schedule or are able to stay for longer durations, then the choices are overwhelming. I have seen homes in paradise, mansions, city apartments, farms, chalets and all kinds of dream like locations looking for housesitters but unfortunately my schedule wouldn’t allow it.
For some sites, depending on how appealing the location is, you can find yourself competing against tens of other applicants and it can be hard to set yourself apart from other candidates. It may be better to try and sit locally first so that you gain reviews before trying more adventurous sits. As a sitter it can be frustrating if you are waiting for replies and not sure whether to book flights or get visas.
It can also be daunting as you need to ensure that you look after the home and/or pets while enjoying yourself and trying not to make the house sit a job while you’re meant to be on holiday.

There are of course horror stories from both sides of the tale but personally I have been able to reap the rewards. There are many forums or facebook pages that can help offer advice.

Coming soon: I will be posting about the many different websites that I have used looking for house sitters (and sits) so that if you are looking, you could take my opinion on board (if you want to, of course).


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Memrise offers courses in languages, arts, math, science, and many more topics.

Memrise is a website that aims to help you memorise something. In this instance it is most relevant as a language learning tool. I would compare using Memrise to doing flashcards. However, it has the benefit of being able to test you on audio too. Memrise also aims to help you put the language into your longterm memory.

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I may be late to the party but I recently used for the first time and I thought I’d share my thoughts.


Airbnb sells itself on the idea that you rent off a local and therefore get to live like a local. This can be appealing to those looking for an authentic cultural experience but airbnb is also useful for those looking for a place to stay if you’re planning on just sightseeing. Here I lay out the pros and cons of staying at an airbnb – an alternative way to stay – before offering some tips.

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Personally I like to go on vacation knowing that each day has something new to see and that I won’t be wasting any time during my adventure. When I was planning a jam-packed trip to Australia, I found and I feel like it’s a good site to share.


What is Triphobo? 
Triphobo is a website that helps you plan your itinerary. It can recommend attractions, help you book hotels, allow you to add on your flights, and even let you see other traveler’s itineraries to give you inspiration.It also has an app on the Android store and App store – however you need an internet connection to access it which is not always possible on vacation. Continue reading “Website –”

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